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WHAT THE heck is a REEL? 

⭐️A montage of video of your STAR!

WHY does my STAR need a REEL!

⭐️Showcase all of your STARS amazing talents and abilities!

HOW? Where do I even start?

⭐️Create your own in THE Reel Class  or let us create THE Reel for you!

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THE Reel - VIP

Let us create THE Reel for you!

⭐️You provide footage using our specified simple process
⭐️Sparkle your STAR will create a REEL that captures your STARS best abilities and performance!
THE Reel - VIP $497

THE Reel Class

Create your own Reel

⭐️Simple STEP by STEP Instructions on how to create your REEL
⭐️BONUS 1:1 feedback session
⭐️Save time and $$ now and in the future! 

Beta Testers!

Be a Beta Tester for THE Reel

⭐️Have your Reel Created!
 ⭐️Fill out detailed feedback form at the completion of THE Reel
⭐️Share your experience (optional)
Beta Tester THE Reel $199

your instructor for THE Reel..


Milaina has been dancing for 17 years, and is a professional Commercial Dancer and Actress!

She was a series lead in Season 5 of The Next Step (Check it out, she played the character of Zara)!

She has also recently appeared in TV shows such as Riverdale, DC Legends of Tomorrow and the Twilight Zone! 

Milaina is no stranger to the LIVE stage, performing in Big Ticket Summer Concert with her Next Step Family, half time shows for sporting events, several WE DAY and charity events.

Watch out for Milaina this summer in Disney Descendents 3! 

Milaina has been using the THE Reel process to update and create her own reels for years! 

Knowing how to create your own REEL is a huge asset that will be convenient and save you thousands of dollars over the upcoming years with your STAR! 


"Christie brings her own light and joy to SPARKLE YOUR STAR! She is fantastic, knowledgable and I trust her completely. ✨"

Amy Wright
Casting Director / Choreographer

"Check out this Demo Reel created for one of our dancers - Mia Olivia by Sparkle your STAR!! 🌟 We can't tell you how AWESOME they were to work with!! Having a Reel as a performer is a must! A Reel showcases your STARS amazing talents and unique abilities! Reel’s are used for auditions, casting agents, opportunities such as assisting and travel as well as sharing with everyone you know 😉 Learn to create your own Reel (THE Reel Class) or have one created one for you ( THE Reel - VIP) with Sparkle your STAR! Sparkle your STAR is a program created by #THEdancemom Christie Garcia (Master Biz Coach, Strategist & THE Brand Expert) for moms of STARS!"

Flair Talent Agency

"As a Musical Theatre teacher and Performing Artist, I am careful with whom I recommend to parents. A students journey is so fragile in the arts. It’s important they are in a space to connect to who they are as people as well as who they want to be as artists. I think Christie is a positive leader but also a very talented ‘mother’. One who can be honest, protective but guide you to the ‘right’ risks and do it all with love and support! Sparkle your Star is a great training program to learn how to handle the tough stuff while equipping you with enough of your own ‘sparkle’ to not take anything too seriously and congratulate yourself for every drop of sweat you have committed to your craft. Good Lessons, Great Team and True Support!"

Kayla Mackenzie
Performing Artist / Teacher

"Christie is amazing! Her experience as a dance mom has been in depth and has dealt with both the girl side and the boy side in dance. I know that I can always rely on her giving me powerful input into any question that I have about either my son or my daughter. She is reliable, honest, and full of some of the best advice one could ask for! I highly recommend working with her if your child is looking for that extra step up in dance - or if you need some advice on how to handle that driven dancer!"

Carina B
Mom of two STARS

"Highly recommend Sparkle your Star!! Christie has a lot of know how and answers to a lot of questions about how to support your little dancer and get them to the next level!! 💖💖 "

Lena M
Bossbabe & #dancemom

"Christie, founder of sparkle your Star is a fellow dance Mom supporting and helping other dance moms/parents/dancers bring their talent to the next level. Christie’s daughter Milana is one of the characters on the Next Step Tv show and talent beyond this world. Christie will help guide you through the wonderful world of stages, dance and talent. I wish I would have known about Sparkle your Star years ago when My daughter was younger. If you want help navigating through dance and knowledge of how to get your star to the next level, contact Christie. She is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met and so supportive. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Watch for her daughter Milaina’s in upcoming movies."

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