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Lessons, Classes, Workshops and Competitions are are only a part of the equation

Are you promoting your STAR with the end goal in mind? 

Are you confused of what Branding is or how it will help your STAR?

Does the idea of a photoshoot or a video reel for your STAR leave you overwhelmed or feeling clueless?

Do you know how to build your  STAR's performer Resume?

Do you wonder: How can my STAR be an ambassador or influencer?


Sparkle your STAR  -  THE program will answer these questions, give you a strategy and SO MUCH more!

Introduction to Social Media

Find out how to utilize social media to promote your STAR!


What does branding mean when YOU are THE brand!

THE Photoshoot

Find out how to prepare for your photoshoot and create content ANYtime and ANYwhere for your STAR!


Video / Reels

Whether it's a dance reel, an actors slate or a singing demo, learn how to create your own! 

THE Next Level

Social Media

Now that you are set up and understand the platforms you are building an audience on, take it to the next level!

THE Ambassador

How to become an ambassador / influencer.

What is an Affiliate?

Choose the best company for your STAR!


You know you want to help your rising STAR! So what is your role?

THE Resume

Create a talent resume for your STAR!

Sparkle your STAR THE program! 

This unique program is THE program to level up your rising STAR

THE program includes:

  • ALL Access Pass to THE STAR Academy
  • 1:1 X 45 minute Parent &  STAR Strategy Call with Christie Garcia 

( Each class also available individually)

One Payment 4 Payments

Sparkle your STAR

Sparkle your STAR is a unique program created by THE Dance Mom ⭐️Brand Expert ⭐️ Master Biz Coach ⭐️Christie Garcia


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