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Sparkle your STAR 

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Sparkle your STAR

THE Classes

THE Reel

Learn why you need a reel, what it needs to contain and create one in this step by step class for your STAR or let us create one for you!

BONUS: 1:1 Session

THE Branded STAR

What does branding mean when YOU are THE brand!

THE Photoshoot

Find out how to prepare for your photoshoot and create content ANYtime and ANYwhere for your STAR!


Introduction to Social Media

Find out how to utilize social media to promote your STAR! 

THE Next Level

Social Media

Now that you are set up and understand the platforms you are building an audience on, take it to the next level!

THE Ambassador

How to become an ambassador / influencer.

What is an Affiliate?

Choose the best company for your STAR!


You know you want to help your rising STAR! So what is your role?

THE Resume

Create a talent resume for your STAR!


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